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I am a classical tenor and pianist based in Chicago. This blog is a result of my relatively recent interest in Polish classical and folk vocal music.  I am not a native speaker, but I supplement my two years of Polish language study at the University of Illinois with regular practice in translating song texts. I’d appreciate anyone’s help in practicing conversation.

(773)401-0797  *  mpiekarz74@yahoo.com

Here is a rundown of groups with which I’ve performed in the past:

I’ve been performing and enjoying Irish music for quite a few years now… largely due to my longtime girlfriend Kathleen O’Neill and my subsequent involvement at the Irish American Heritage Center (http://irish-american.org/).  Beyond the huge canon of Irish traditional music, I’m also interested in a huge variety of folk/cultural music… please observe:

This clip was filmed during the first of three concerts sponsored by HAPAG (Heritage and the Arts Philippine American Group). Having sung quite frequently in all of the major languages of classical music (and many minor ones), singing in Tagalog was very pleasant…

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